Pastor Juan Rivera



Pastor Juan Rivera was born in Cuidad Acuna, Mexico. He is married to Martha Rivera and has two daughters and one grandson.

Pastor Juan Rivera is founder of Centro Cristiano Hosanna. This ministry was founded 10 years ago which God has blessed in great manner.

El pastor Juan Rivera nacio en Cuidad Acuna, Mexico. Esta casado con la pastora Martha Rivera y tiene dos hijas and un nieto.

El pastor Juan Rivera es fundador de Centro Cristiano Hosanna hace 10 anos, donde Dios ha bendecido grandemente su ministerio.



Jantzen and Sylvia Rogers


Youth Pastors Jantzen and Sylvia Rogers are currently working at Hosanna Christian Center. They attended and graduated from TEXAS BIBLE INSTITUTE from 2004-2006.

They have a heart for young teens and a desire to instruct every youth to learn and apply God’s word daily in their lives. They are a dedicated and loving couple who’s calling in life is to reach young people across the nation and make a lasting impact on ALL they come in contact with.

Jantzen & Sylvia have 7+ years experience in youth ministry and have been apart of many successful youth ministries in various parts of the United States. And believe that God has called them to the city of San Angelo to encourage and inspire the local young people and to increase the kingdom of heaven.





Pastora Lupe Hernandez

Pastora Lupe Hernandez

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