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It’s understandable that you may have some questions about what you and your family can expect on a typical Sunday morning at Centro Cristiano Hosanna. That’s why we’ve listed some common questions and answers below.  If we don’t answer your questions here, give us a call or message us. We’d love to hear from you, and we look forward to seeing you this Sunday.

When are your services?

Our Sunday Services hour begins at 10:00 am, no Sunday Evening Services available at this time and our Wednesday Services hour begins at 7:0opm.

Where are your services held?

The worship services are held in the main building.

How do I get to Centro Cristiano Hosanna?

We are located at 5026 link Rd. There are two ways that you can get to Centro Cristiano Hosanna. Link Road is off the Old Christoval Road and by going underneath the Ben Ficklin Bridge off South Bryant.

Where do I park?

Parking is available only in from of the main building. This lot has reserved parking for those who need handicap parking also.

What is a Sunday service like?

While words cannot thoroughly describe the worship experience at Centro Cristiano Hosanna, our Praise and Worship team is committed to presenting God’s truth in compelling, creative, and challenging ways.

What should I wear when I attend Centro Cristiano Hosanna

At Centro Cristiano Hosanna, we like to keep things comfortable for you. This means something different to everyone. We welcome you to dress as nicely as you would like, but for the vast majority of those attending on Sunday mornings, attire to please our Heavenly Father.

What is the music like?

At Centro Cristiano Hosanna, we understand that people have varying tastes in music but we believe that Worship is not about us, it is about God. Worship should be God-focused and we desire to make our music exactly that. Styles, songs, and musical talents change but our God will never change. We do not define our music by styles or tempos, we simply take whatever we have to offer each Sunday and lay it at throne of God.

Where do I take my children?

Sunday mornings we have Sunday school (ages 5-10) and Nursery (ages 0-4) where we have wonderful and talented people caring for the children in a safe and friendly environment.

Do you have anything for Middle School and High School students?

We have Youth Services on Wednesday nights at 7:00pm.

Do you offer adult Sunday School?

No, not at the present time, however, we do believe that adults need to engage in meaningful community with others and to have regular times of fellowship, Bible study, and prayer. We accomplish this with Bible Studies that meet on Wednesday nights at 7:00 PM. At Centro Cristiano Hosanna, our Bible Study group exists to encourage people to get connected and grow.

How can I meet people or ask additional questions about the church?

The best way to meet people at Centro Cristiano Hosanna is to get involved in a Bible Study or Ladies Ministry Group. We understand that personal relationships are the primary glue for permanent connection to Centro Cristiano Hosanna and a relationship with God. Any questions you may have please feel free to call us at the church’s phone number for now office 325-617-2246 or send us an Email at